Beautiful age

Fabian posted on June 06, 2018 at 07:27

College is the very amazing stage for students, they have gone through the hard time and finally come to their dream place. In this beautiful age, students are young and full of energy, their color of youth should be red, which means active.

For college students, their main energy should be put on study. It is the age of fighting, they need to learn more knowledge, so that they can make some preparation for their future. What they learn will decide what kind of job they will do in the future. It is important to master the skills and find their own advantages.

Besides study, joining the activity is also part of their lives. They can learn how to get along with others and cooperate with other students. Cooperation is really important, the employers take special attention on this ability. So joining the activity can cultivate students’ practical skills.

Standing at the door of Hujia, Du Mingli had a lot of thoughts and thought of the life-saving gimmick that Hu Yongmei gave him. After returning to God, he saw Hu Meimei, who looked like a frost. The death of his father made the former rich lady become resentful. She also added a bitter hatred to Zhou Ying. This hatred made her hate to kill people and pay for her father.

Zhao Baishi went to find Zhang Daren, a teacher, and talked about Ho Zhicun’s self-destructive things, and inquired about the insider’s case. But this case was originally instructed by Baylor. How could Zhang Daren tell Zhao Baishi the truth, but he wanted to use his means to suppress it.

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