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Fabian posted on April 20, 2018 at 12:10

When Christmas day comes, I will go back to my hometown and spend the time with my relatives. In my hometown, there will be the basketball game on the first and second days of the new year. There will be a lot of people watch. This is a very good tradition.

For one thing, the basketball game makes people feel the atmosphere of the big festival. Unlike usually, there are not so many things happening in this town, life is simple here. When there is something different, it can tell people that interesting thing is happening in this town and the festival is coming.

For another thing, the basketball game can bring people together. The first day of the new year is really a big day for Japanese, they will go out and hang around. Many of my old friends will meet each other when we watch the basketball game. We talk so happily and say the new year’s wishes.

The traditional game provide people a place to meet each other and have the communication. They are enjoying the game while talking to their friends.

Zhou Ying, who had doubts about the munitions case, took Hu Zhicun and questioned what his truth was and who was pushing him. However, Hu Zhicun did not want to face this incident, and he was deeply afraid of Du Mingli’s threat. He could not say it if he wanted to say it.

Although Zhou Ying was chasing after him, he still looked at Hu Zhicun and Hu Yongmei and took the carriage and left. After escaping for a while, escaping from the world, Hu Zhicun knew that he had made a big mistake. After returning home, he said with all the sighs that Wu Weiwen was good to him in the past: After the encounter with the monks was chopped, Wu Weiwen carried him over 20 miles and returned to his life. After the business was lost, Wu Weiwen I evened out my purchase price and helped him through the storm.

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