The convenience brought by buying tickets online

Fabian posted on April 15, 2018 at 07:58

When I was in college, before the holiday came, I was so worried about buying the train ticket for home. I had to stand in the long line to wait for my turn to buy the ticket. But things have changed, now people can buy the train ticket online, the advantages are various.

One the one hand, people can save a lot of time. When I went to the ticket window, there were always a lot of people, the fastest time for me to get the ticket was about an hour and the longest time was more than four hours. But now I just need to click on the Internet, I will buy the ticket quickly. How fast it is.

On the other hand, buying ticket online is much safer. When people come to the train station, there are not only the passengers, but also the people who wait for the ticket. There are full of people, once the accident happens, it is not easy for people to run away. But buying tickets online can reduce the people and make them safe indoor.

Online purchase is the trend, people can use computer to do more things.

Zhao Baishi was angered by this unremarkable attitude and hit Zhou Ying's three boards. He also wants to persuade the woman to be cautious, but Zhou Ying is secretly happy. Yes, these three boards dispelled the enthusiasm of the mother-in-law, and did not hurt their own body, but also exchanged the opportunity to fight, can change the Wujia Dongyuan a Dongshan renewed no loss.

After smashing the board, Zhou Ying was kneeling on the stool and was carried back to the East Court. Spring apricot is distressed and less grandmother, saying that if it is, he will leave. But Zhou Ying’s feelings for Wu’s hire did not allow her to do this. After all, she needed her to stay. Otherwise, the East House will really fall into hell, and everyone will step on it.

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