The right of young celebrities to go to school

Fabian posted on April 12, 2018 at 11:47

As the development of the media, there are more and more children get famous. These children need to go to school while they also take part in the social activities. Some schools refuse to accept the little celebrities to attend the class, because they will have the bad effect other students. In my opinion, celebrities also have the right to go to school.

Though the celebrities have money and fame, they are also the ordinary ones in the school. They are the same age with the students and they need to study to improve themselves. Some parents worry about their kids will be affected by the celebrities and can’t focus their minds on study. Maybe the students will be curious at first, but in the long time, they will get used to it and then will treat the celebrities as the normal students. The students can also have the chance to communicate with the stars and have the better understand what the stars look like personally.

So there is no need to refuse the celebrities to attend the class. Students just need to get used to it and then treat the stars equally.

Cui Jia made the last money, and he handed a hanging copper coin to Mrs. Wu. After the lessons of the share encroachment, Mrs. Wu put her money in an extra secret. Just as she opened one scorpion again and wanted to save the money. However, it was discovered that the previous two thousand and two silver tickets were gone. She rushed to call Zhang Ma over, hoping that something was not good.

According to the prior agreement, Zhou Ying took responsibility on herself. Mrs. Wu was mad at the county to see the official, and told her to steal. After seeing the complaint, Zhao Baishi lamented that this woman could not be settled for a moment. Zhou Ying can easily look at the lobby, but instead asks Zhao Baishi to testify the evidence. After three months, he will pay back the money.
That year, the flower was opened in the right round of the 27th episode. Mrs. Wu angered Zhou Ying to the door, Zhou Ying was beaten.

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