The clothing of twins

Fabian posted on March 10, 2018 at 16:38

Every time when I walk in the street, I will be attracted by the twins, it is not because they look exactly the same, but they wear the same clothes. I also wonder why all the twins dress the same. The parents can separate them in different clothes, so that they won’t take the twins’ wrong name, now I know the reason.

The twins are living in the same environment, when they are in the mother’s womb, they have boned together, their fate is meant to be different from others. They come to the world almost at the same time, they know they have an alike brother or sister, as they grow up, they will want everything the same, because they are a union. If the parents give them different thing, the twins will think their parents are unfair to them, they like one of them. In order to avoid such situation, the parents will naturally choose the same things for them, so they can get along with each other well.

Twins’ dress the same clothes can make them have the sense of union, now I am not surprised about the twins’ dress, they are so cute in my eyes.

Zhao Baishi with the punishment of the adults directly surrounded by Shen Shen, let Shen Four Seas pleading for help, are determined to check the army to be plaster. Du Mingli out flirting, but officials did not retreat.

Being thankful adults and Du Mingli stalemate, Shen Xing moved. He was in front of the crowd, picked up the sword against Zhao Baishi scratched himself, and then use plaster on the spot to stop bleeding. This move dispelled all doubts, but also frightened officers and soldiers. Shen Sihai this blood plaster would have no effect, did not expect there are turning points. Shen Xing moved to identify those who fight with their own day is Zhao Baishi, Du Ming ceremony to listen to understand that some people are at work.
That year blooming moon is still a round stills (Shen Xing moved to add the rhododendron leaves plaster to stop bleeding)

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