Stand on the stage bravely
December 13, 2017 at 20:04

Since I was very small, I was very shy in the public place, so I always avoided giving performance in front of so many people. Though I tried hard to get over it in school, I still felt uneasy in the public place. When I came to the job market, I realized that I must get over my fear, or I would lose my stage.

I still remembered the horrible experience for my first interview. Early in the morning, I got a called that I was given a chance to the job interview. I felt so excited. When I came to the company, I found there were other six young people competed with me, then I started to feel nervous. The employers asked us to sit in the round table and introduced ourselves one by one. When it was my turn, I lowed down my head and spoke in low voice. Then the employers continued to let us give speeches in the stage. I lose confidence and made the horrible performance.

This interview taught me a lesson that I must get over my fear, or I will lose chances. So I practise hard and dare to stand in the stage.

Zhou Ying thoughts are mixed, Shen star moved to visit her. When she learned that this girl was going to be Shen Tong, he was full of anxiety and took all the money in his hand and returned to Zhou Ying's life and this quiet little house. In the past Shen Xing did not move the woman so much patience, but this time is different. He felt that his own pay will be able to move this wild girl, let her admiration for themselves, and even treat each other heartily. Think of here, Shen Xing could not help laughing.

Shen Xing move their own plans and Zhou Ying said, after a step by step how to go he has a well-thought-out, as long as she returned to sink like. Did not expect Zhou Ying refused to let go of the past, but also solved their own clothes buttons, straight to lie on the bed. Now the life-saving, she did not have the ability to repay, but half discouraged desperation, half angry is generally put on his body.

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Everyone should marry for love
December 11, 2017 at 12:53

When the girls and boys were 18, their parents started to make some plans for them to get marry. But in the modern time, the young people have the strong sense of independence, so they will not marry in the early age. Most parents feel worried and force their children to get married. Everybody should marry for love.

Leftover women have been the common situation, it means there are more and more girls who are over 30 are still not married, the society laughed at them and disdain them. What’s more, most traditional parents feel shameful if their kids still not married over 30. So they arrange the blind date and hope their kids to get married as soon as possible, some parents even force the children to finish this big thing.

It is obvious that divorce rate is increasing, most of them are young couples, they are young and reckless. Some couples married too quickly before they know each other well. The pressure from parents also part of the divorce. So don’t marry before you make sure, the true love worths to wait.

After getting rid of the ropes tied, Zhou Laosi knew her daughter was going to be Shen Tong and hurried to go to Shen Xing for help. Zhou Ying was thrown into the water in the moment, a good swim around the hidden hand quickly she picked it up. Then, Shen Xing moved to pay her for her quiet rent a small room.

Zhou Ying quietly leaning on the bed, is already fatigued, she did not say a word blankly. When all the joys have been ruthlessly deprived, she seems to be able to confront the cruelty with silence. Today, it was rescued by Shen Jia, but it was not saved in vain. No matter what she wants, she does not want to go back to Shen.

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Office romance
December 10, 2017 at 09:48

Nowadays, a new type of love is not accepted in most situation, it is the office love. In some companies, there is the rule to forbid office love, because the boss believes that it is not good for running the business, the relationship will distract the employees’ attention.

Why office love is always happening, even the young people know it is not allowed. It is because when these young girls and boys work together all the day, they are easy to fall in love with each other. It is the natural reaction, they know each other well and realize the shinning point.

In order to keep the relationship, the young couples have to lie to everybody and pretend nothing is happening. But the awkward situations happen sometimes, they have to deal very carefully. But most companies won’t interfere the personal emotion, they believe that it is the employees’ right to handle their emotion. The companies have the job for the employees, they can do whatever they want when they finish their job.

Zhao Baishi also learned Zhou Ying things, but do not believe this woman will betray Wu hiring. He came to visit Wu Ze and inquired about the news. In Wu Ze's opinion, the housewife can not be exaggerated. Moreover, Wu Hanying and Zhou Ying of the Eastern Hospital are neither alive nor in any way useless.

The days of joy in the East Hospital in the days before the turn in Zhou Ying, when Wu was still hired, watching her and her maidservants in the yard playful slapstick. All of a sudden four weeks out, call her wake up. Why, why wake up? She slowly opened her eyes, the joy of sight disappear instantly. Missing hiring, losing children, being wronged and being forgotten by Shen Tong's memory, this is true. I learned from the week old four, this time or Shen Xing rescued her.

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They think they are ugly
December 08, 2017 at 16:41

Today, people play the joke that it is the age of looking at the face, which means appearance decides everything. Some people are very annoyed by their appearance, they are afraid to look at the mirror and when taking photoes, they try to avoid. They think they are ugly. Actually, these people are believed to have the mental illness, they can do as the following advice and get rid of illness.

First, people must realize that the evaluation of a person is not according to the apperance totally. The obvious example is the facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg, the young and rich man married a homely looking girl. This girl was very excellent and she had the charm. It is important to cultivate the personal charm, such as reading more books and broaden the vision.

Second, it is also indispensable to make up properly. People don’t need to dress like the stars, but make up a little can help them to be confident, what’s more, it is important to know the dress code. So people will not feel the self-deprecation in the public occasions.

Zhou Ying was tied to the river, her eyes are always staring, looking back and forth this circle of people. She was never afraid of death, angry extreme anti-laugh, said he was the first to find a treasure to make a ghost. Miss Yi learned of the news, took her brother Wu Ze to save sister-in-law, but they two people do not care. Pu Tong soon, Zhou Ying really thrown into the water. Ms. Wu half happy, half a heartache, said Wu hired revenge finally reported. The three masters also shout, unaware that it had been a gun.
That year blooming moon is a still (Zhou Ying anger stare Bora)

Hu Yongmei in the room practice character, upset how not write well. Month as told her, Zhou Ying poisoning Wu was found, has been Shen Tong. Hu Yong-huan heartache, kneeling in front of Wu grave crying, said Ho Huan it, if the original marriage to Wu did not happen to them.

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Education of university
December 05, 2017 at 09:32

The stage of college will be the most important period of our life. We need to learn knowledge, at the same time, we also need to learn some skills, which will be of great help when we come to the job market. The ability we gain in the college will be useful all the time.

In college education, we need to change our way of learning. In high school, we get use to learn what the teachers pass to us. Every thing they show us is correct. Teachers take the leader roles and students just follow them. But now students need to learn knowledge by themselves. As teachers will not show up much time, so they should improve their ability to learn.

At this point, the second man, the third man and the fourth man have been under the mourning of the third lady, suspected that Wang Shi had stolen the seal to Zhou Ying. After Wang Shijun was brought up abnormally, all kowtow recognize charges. Zhou Ying do not understand why this person at the moment to say so. Is he threatened? Still encountered something? Why did not he speak? Is it not enough for these people to harm her, even an apprentice should be ruthless?

Things to this point, no matter how to say Zhou Ying, are already adding sin, why suffering from no words. Spring apricot knees begging, but was dragged out. The third lady took the opportunity to say Zhou Ying Shen Tong, the three masters also agreed. After the ceremony to bow down ceremony, Wang Shijun this wake up, struggling to want to argue, but was hold down.

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Adhere to reserve knowledge
December 03, 2017 at 12:20

Everybody needs to learn knowledge since they are very small. During the process, they are asked to master the skills, so as to adjust to the world and find their own place. As the saying that Rome is not built in a day, the store of knowledge has a long way to go. If we insist, we will be a better man.

We will meet all kinds of difficulties. Life is a journey. During the journey, we will meet rainstorms and after it, we will see the rainbow. The journey helps us to grow up. If we are stuck in the trip and give up moving on, then we will never see its coming beautiful scenery.

Severe abdominal pain hit, Zhou Ying lower body blood stained underwear. Mrs. Wu, this is the doctor, but it is already late. This day and night of torture, coupled with the news of Wu was poisoned, enough to make Zhou Ying lose their children. She just woke up, they saw spring apricot crying, heart already know the result. Overnight become the target of all, and now lost the last blood connected with the lover. Although this body lying in bed, a heart seems to fall into the lofty ice cave, under the erosion of chills and sadness.
That year blooming moon is still a drama (Zhou Ying lost their children never want to give birth)

Mrs. Wu cried again into a tearful man, sighing Wu's fortunes and more disasters. Three ladies can strike while the iron is hot, saying it is not over yet. Zhou Ying fight an effort, dragged his body to get out of bed, let the mother-in-law, follow the evidence. Kebao said he has evidence that the pot was poured on the day Wu was. Zhou Ying did not expect his own painstaking efforts to help medicine, and now has become proof of their own poisoning pro-husband evidence. How ridiculous!

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