The right of young celebrities to go to school
April 12, 2018 at 11:47

As the development of the media, there are more and more children get famous. These children need to go to school while they also take part in the social activities. Some schools refuse to accept the little celebrities to attend the class, because they will have the bad effect other students. In my opinion, celebrities also have the right to go to school.

Though the celebrities have money and fame, they are also the ordinary ones in the school. They are the same age with the students and they need to study to improve themselves. Some parents worry about their kids will be affected by the celebrities and can’t focus their minds on study. Maybe the students will be curious at first, but in the long time, they will get used to it and then will treat the celebrities as the normal students. The students can also have the chance to communicate with the stars and have the better understand what the stars look like personally.

So there is no need to refuse the celebrities to attend the class. Students just need to get used to it and then treat the stars equally.

Cui Jia made the last money, and he handed a hanging copper coin to Mrs. Wu. After the lessons of the share encroachment, Mrs. Wu put her money in an extra secret. Just as she opened one scorpion again and wanted to save the money. However, it was discovered that the previous two thousand and two silver tickets were gone. She rushed to call Zhang Ma over, hoping that something was not good.

According to the prior agreement, Zhou Ying took responsibility on herself. Mrs. Wu was mad at the county to see the official, and told her to steal. After seeing the complaint, Zhao Baishi lamented that this woman could not be settled for a moment. Zhou Ying can easily look at the lobby, but instead asks Zhao Baishi to testify the evidence. After three months, he will pay back the money.
That year, the flower was opened in the right round of the 27th episode. Mrs. Wu angered Zhou Ying to the door, Zhou Ying was beaten.

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Why is kindness important?
April 12, 2018 at 14:23

Victor Hugo said: “The most important quality for a man is kindness.” Why kindness is important?

Kindness is one most important quality for human being distinguish from the animal. Without kindness, the human being will selfish, indifferent, no sympathy and have no difference from animal.

There are many news about how people unfilial, hurt others maliciously, corrupted and many other immorality. Besides of they are lack of conscience, more important, they had no kindness. Kindness is to understand each other, care about others. A kind people would like to help others, he will accept the faults in a person. He would not hurt others, and always choose the right to do.

Kindness is important for not only people but also important to the country and the world. If countries have a kind heart, there won’t be wars, and the whole world can be in harmony which will benefit everyone.

That year, the flower is in full swing, the twenty-seventh episode, Zhou Ying, asks Zhang Ma to help steal Mrs. Wu’s money.

Zhou Ying really has no money, and he is worried on the ground. Just happened to see Zhang Ma passing by, to get the embroidery made by Mrs. Wu to exchange money. She convinced Zhang Ma to successfully steal the two thousand and two silver tickets in the lady's room. After the money was taken, Zhou Ying told Xiao Wu and Wang Shijun to buy cotton. After inquiring about the price of cotton, she already had her own plan, and now she only has to wait patiently.

Du Mingli saw Hu’s family close, and hurry to check the situation. It turned out that Hu Zhicun’s spirit was not good and he could not start his business for the time being. Du Mingli suggested that Hu Yongmei go out with his father and ease the situation.

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Dedicated to International Nurses Day
April 10, 2018 at 12:12

Everybody admire doctors so much, for they save people’s lives and like the angels, while the special group who assists doctors in finishing their jobs should not be forgotten, they are the nurses and they are angels, too. The international Nurses Day is coming and they deserved enjoying their own day.

My aunt is a nurse and she loves her job so much. She always needs to work at night, she told me that though it was a little tired but she felt proud of what she did. In 2003, the horrible disaster of SARS attacked Japan, at this dangerous moment, my aunt never thought about quitting her job, she stayed at the hospital all the time. A lot of nurses like my aunt are so great, they are doing the ordinary work but they are not ordinary.

These lovely group deserve to have a day of their own. The public shows respect to them and sends their best wishes to them. I adore the nurse like my aunt so much, they are the real heroes in my eyes.

Zhou Ying did not know what to do, and went to find Zhou Laosi, successfully flipped out some of the baby under the bed. Probably can be fifty-two, you can still pay back the money of the farmer.

Shen Xing moved to Zhou Dingsi to drink alcohol. I heard that Zhou Ying is now lacking money and she is willing to help. After returning home, Shen Sihai let him be the second treasurer of the medicine. Shen Xing moved to insist on adding blood to the plaster, this is to Shen Jiahao. He is more willing to do something conscientious than taking the money to make money. Shen has been doing business for decades, and signboards are much more expensive than those.

Shen Sihai has been shocked by the power of Baylor, and he is thinking of climbing these contacts and becoming the first merchant in Fuyang. He thought about it over and over again, and decided to let Shen Xing move to the cotton shop as the second treasurer, and then practice the medicine for a while.

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Anti campus bullying
April 08, 2018 at 15:01

The show British Got Talented is very popular around the world, it is the original show. As it is so hot and many talented people have found their stages,its influence on other countries can’t be ignored. Last night, I saw an episode of a boy composing a song with his friend, it reminded the public of the issue of anti-bully in campus.

When the boy and his friend stood on the stage, he was so shy and he looked very nice. He told the audience that they would sing a song which was composed by himself and the judges were so looking forward to hearing it. As the boy sung, the audience sensed his miserable days in his childhood, he was bullied by the higher grade students. His friend sung the part of giving hope. The judges were so touched and they spoke highly of this inspring song.

There are always some big guys trying to control the situation, so they bully others. This behavior is condemned by the public. The one who plays the role of bad guy is actually always the one with weak heart. The movement of anti-bully in campus needs everybody to care for each other.

Hu Zhicun finally went home. He is already ragged and has a thin face. Hu Yongmei saw his father, full of distress, and rushed to the wine. In the past few months, he has not seen his daughter, and he has been tortured by the military affairs case. Hu Zhicun has some spirits. The family finally reunited, Hu Yumei and his father asked Du Mingli to come to the house to eat, and would like to thank him for his help. But Hu Zhicun was shocked and banned her from dealing with this person.
In that year, Hua Zhiyue’s twenty-seventh stills, Hu Zhicun, learned that Hu Yumei would ask Du Yueli to come home to eat and be shocked.

After burning the poppy, Zhou Ying and the apprentices shared thinking about what other business can do. She thought of cotton, but carefully calculated that there are still two thousand and two silver. Thinking of Mrs. Wu there may still be money, Zhou Ying went to find her to borrow. I can let this daughter say that the mouth is broken, and Mrs. Wu refuses to take it out.

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Trial of Disney in Shanghai
April 05, 2018 at 16:54

Shanghai Disneyland will be open soon, as the day is so close, there are all kinds of trial run information released. The public is so looking forward to it and they want to have the honor become the first visitors. While after scanning the released information, they feel unsatisfied.

The first is about the high entrance ticket. According to the average ticket of about 400 RMB, a family always need to pay at least for 3 persons, which means it takes them more than 1000 RMB. It is only the lowest budget for the local visitors, while for the nonlocal visitors, they need to pay for the hotel, which is a great expense.

The second is the food in Disneyland. The offcial website has listed the price that offered in the amusement park. A beef burger with cheese is 80 RMB, a child-sized hot dog is 60 RMB and so on. Many people think it is such high price for them to pay. In that way, a family only pays for the food will cost more than 500 RMB!

The trial run of Shanghai Disneyland exposes many problems and the public concerns about the price. Maybe adjusting the price can attracts more tourists.

Zhou Ying with expensive herbs, and spring together to visit Germany and Germany Sao. She saw the door she had died in the kang, a quiet and desolate. It turned out that the old German did not hold back the temptation, took the money to buy smoking a big cigarette. Zhou Ying did not hold back anger, go to the tobacco pipe hit the man a pass. Although being driven out, Zhou Ying's eyes filled with unwilling.

Deyi died, and Uncle Deer jumped after waking up. This kind of miserable ending did not meet Zhou Ying’s expectations of them. She was desperate at this moment to discover how harmful opium is. If the 50-acre poppy is all producing opium, how many households will be destroyed? Zhou Ying personally took the torch and burned these harmful things. Zhao Baishi saw the fire on the field and came to check it out. After understanding the situation, he admired the woman who was deeply and righteous, and felt that she had seen her before.

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By the time I retired
April 03, 2018 at 11:39

My parents always talk about their retired life, they have portrayed their retired life all the time and they look forward to it. My parents think they are so busy when they are working and they need to enjoy life when they are old. I am affected by them, though some of their views I will not agree, I think of my retired life sometimes.

When I am retired, the first thing I would like to do is to travel and take adventures. Working hour will surely occupy my life and I need to make my ends meet, so there is no doubt that when I am young, my time focus on work. Retired life means that I have stored certain amount of money and I can go to any place I want.

The second thing I want to do is to open a coffee shop. I can spend my hour to talk to all kinds of people and share their stories, I can give them my sincere suggestion. Being a listener and making friends are wonderful life for an old people.

I will not wait for my retired life, so before that stage comes, I will enjoy every moment.

Dark, Shen Xing moved his father did not come back, are worried about. But see the whole world sank into the door, like a delightful appearance. Although the drunken, Shen Sihai to the future is the mother of the second product nausea knocked his head, also told his son later did not kneel down to officials. He announced loudly that afterwards Shen family should work together for Beller.

See his father happy look, Shen Xing did not move a little happy. He knew that after his own family broke the bones with this Beller Lord. Although it seems to be a happy event in front of me, but the disaster behind the do not know how much yet. Zhao Baishi was relegated to the hometown, met Shen Xing move, two people in the street satirical each other up.

Yi Yi brought two master and two ladies to Zhou Ying's silver tickets and gifts, she also made a delicious sister-in-law. Zhou Ying very happy, though inevitably will think of dead Wu hiring. But now she has recovered a lot and knows what to do.
That year blooming moon is still a movie (Zhou Ying reminds Wu hiring)

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Human and environment
March 18, 2018 at 10:18

As the technology and economic is developing, the environment problem is becoming a severe problem, and the people are seriously affected.

The sustained damage to the environment has caused a serious problem, such as air pollution, sand storm, extraordinary weather, and diseases etc., people suffer from what they have done to the environment.

However. People have realized that it will be too late if they don’t do anything to prevent things from getting worse. For example, there is an “Earth Hour” on a Saturday of March of each year. It is a global movement, usually it lasts from 8:30pm to 9:30pm. It is also called “Light-off for One Hour”. During this hour, all the light will be turned off. The purpose of this movement is not only to save energy, but also to warn the people to realize the importance of protecting the mother earth, and to stop violating the environment.

Anyway, people and the environment have to keep a balance relationship. People take from the environment, and have to protect it too.

Shen Xing moved to study diligently, just to see Shen Sihai to the accounts to check in advance. He saw the meaning of his father, as if do not want to continue cooperation with Dominique, and thought his proposal has finally worked.

At the time of Shen Sihai's visit, Du Mingli brought good news. After the incident was over, under the invitation of Beller, the empress dowager and emperor allowed Shen Xing to escalate to any of them. Even after all the Shen family business, Beller must invest in stocks. Although Shen Sihai think this connection is worth 30% of shares, but still was out of Dominic Wu's move impressed. He knew that with this booklet, Jingyang all business will be attributed to its own.

Du Mingli again spoke of the people who were dismissed last time were dismissed, the adults of the Ministry of Punishment were sent back to the country, and even Zhao Baishi was reduced from four to seven. Shen Sihai Beller's strength more confidence, could not help but be happy.

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Breastfeeding in public places
March 16, 2018 at 07:54

Not long time ago, a man complained about the mothers breastfeeding their babies in the bus. He thought it was a very impolited behavior to show the naked body in the public place. Soon this man’s words were criticized by women, for they supported the mothers to feed the babies freely.

It is known to all that mother is the greatest person in the world. they give us the life and take care us all the time. Some mothers even sacrifice their career and being a housewife, they focus all their attention in the family chores. A man would never know the women’s pain in having the babies. So they don’t have the right to make judgement.

It is the women’s right to breastfeed their babies in the public place, because the babies did not have the consciousness to stop crying, so the mothers must prepare to feed them anytime and anywhere. It is not easy to raise a kid, what the mothers do should be supported by the public. For everyone has such moment when they are small babies.

Zhou Ying finished farming, sitting on the ground to take care of their shoes and socks. She ran every day, did not pay attention to attitude, habitually returned to the past look. Mrs. Wu saw her and talked to her in the hope that the daughter-in-law would be a little less grandmother. But now the situation, everyone should be less grandmother, not to die? Zhou Ying understand this truth, she hopes her mother can understand. She just walked to the ground and sat down, saying no matter how good sitting and no help for grievances and money.

Mrs. Wu was speaking to see the wife-child appearance, but unable to refute. She was crying angry, Zhou Ying had promised her to earn money to keep the rules. Mrs. Wu talked about the South House again. It turned out that Wu Yu dismissed all her followers after her father and mother died and left. Zhou Ying heard to know that her mother will certainly get this thing to say that women should abide by the rules. In order to avoid a crumbling, she quickly went out in the name of pouring tea.

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The latest American Captain
March 13, 2018 at 18:55

The movie American Captain is very popular around the world, many children treat the protagonist as their hero. The image of American Captain stands for America, he presents justice and peace to the world. While the newest series shows me a different opinion about this great man.

In the newest series American Captain, this great man still try to fight against the bad guys and maintain the world peace with his powerful team. While the problem comes during their missions, the team causes so many death and the loss of the public property. Then American Captain was asked to sign a deal to limit their movements but he refused.

I am always a big fan of these comic books, but the newest movie shows me the unacceptable idea of the great man. The responsibility should always come first for the hero, such as batman and superman, they treat the people’s lives in the first place. They will feel very guilty for causing the loss of the public property. So fighting for peace doesn’t mean the big man don’t have to consider the bad results he brings.

Listening to people's thanks, Shen Xing moved to know that they really want to thank people Zhou Ying. Even, even his own good thanks to Zhou Ying ideas, through the crisis. People spread, Shen Xing moved alone in the hospital wandering, or went to the room where Zhou Ying used to live. That woman always brings a lot of surprises and accidents, how to think back are fun.
That year blooming moon is still a movie still (Zhou Yun moved in the room before wandering)

Du Mingli was very angry about this incident. He questioned the officials under Baileye, even the officials of the Ministry of Punishments had no news. Although this incident came suddenly, but Beile Ye behind doing backing, his heart still bottom.

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Advance and retreat together
March 11, 2018 at 09:46

For every girl, they are annoyed by the overweigh problem all the time. Looking at the beautiful models shinning everywhere, who can resist the charm. The story about a girl lost her weight for love inspired so many people to be fit. Being fit for love is the best motivation.

The girl is named Claire, she was born to be fat. She just could not stop eating the food that contained a lot fat, such as ice cream, fired chips and so on. As she was so different from other girls, she was alone for a very long time until a handsome boy was attracted by her beautiful soul. Finally the boy proposed, but Claire was self-debased, she decided to lose weigh and then said yes.

Claire worked so hard to lose weight, she refused to the food she liked. She went to the gym every day. She eat the organic food. When ten months passed, claire lost more than 80 pounds, she became an attractive girl and said yes to her boyfriend’s propose. When the couple took pictures, the girl were surprised, for the boy also trained his body just to company her.

After Du Mingli left, Shen Xing told his father that he had added the azaleas leaves in medicine. At that time he also listened to Zhou Ying said one sentence, did not expect that this girl said really useful. However, this speculative approach can not be used for a long time. When Shen Xing moved to persuade his father and Du Mingli to draw a line, they should not resort to fraud. The men who belittled Beller are nothing but money-making tools to take Shen as their own, without any regard for the consequences.

Shen Sihai fear Baylor Yeh forces, afraid of their own home was threatened, as Wu Jiandong hospital did not say gone. Instead, he angrily denounced his son, do not be overworked. Can be returned home, Shen universal or his wife and his son talked about the good, uncharacteristically boast a few words. Shen Xing moved back to Shen, was around Xiaoyi maidservants. It turned out that the old lady also knew it, gave the next reward.

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