A cat sounded like a baby at night
June 10, 2018 at 17:36

Last night, when I got sleep, I heard some voice, it sounded like the baby was crying, then I looked out of the window, but no one was outside.

As the voice kept going on, I could not sleep, I have to figure out what was going on outside, I went to my backyard, then I found a cat was calling, not the baby. How surprised I was.

Zhou Ying was happy to hear the harvest in the field. Zhao Baishi came to warn her not to continue to pursue the military needs case, and suggested that she should be careful and cautious. For this kind of broken thoughts, Zhou Ying can only take the truth back. After all, today's East Hospital is no more than before, the two widows must have something to do!
That year, the 28th episode of the full moon, Zhao Baishi will tell Zhou Ying and persuade her to give up.

Shen Xing moved to sleep, but was woken up by the shopkeeper, which only knows that cotton is now being acquired by Zhou Ying. Need goods in the shop, he must go to Zhou Ying to discuss.

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Beautiful age
June 06, 2018 at 07:27

College is the very amazing stage for students, they have gone through the hard time and finally come to their dream place. In this beautiful age, students are young and full of energy, their color of youth should be red, which means active.

For college students, their main energy should be put on study. It is the age of fighting, they need to learn more knowledge, so that they can make some preparation for their future. What they learn will decide what kind of job they will do in the future. It is important to master the skills and find their own advantages.

Besides study, joining the activity is also part of their lives. They can learn how to get along with others and cooperate with other students. Cooperation is really important, the employers take special attention on this ability. So joining the activity can cultivate students’ practical skills.

Standing at the door of Hujia, Du Mingli had a lot of thoughts and thought of the life-saving gimmick that Hu Yongmei gave him. After returning to God, he saw Hu Meimei, who looked like a frost. The death of his father made the former rich lady become resentful. She also added a bitter hatred to Zhou Ying. This hatred made her hate to kill people and pay for her father.

Zhao Baishi went to find Zhang Daren, a teacher, and talked about Ho Zhicun’s self-destructive things, and inquired about the insider’s case. But this case was originally instructed by Baylor. How could Zhang Daren tell Zhao Baishi the truth, but he wanted to use his means to suppress it.

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The student scored the teacher
June 03, 2018 at 12:23

Nowadays, college teachers have faced the new challenge, they need to accept the students’ rating of them. The teachers are in great pressure, because if they get the low mark, they will be embarrassed and question about themselves. In my opinion, the rating is good for both students and teachers.

On the one hand, the students can give their reaction to the teachers. In traditional class, teacher is in the leading position, all the students go with them. When the students have the questions, they don’t have the time to ask. But rating system makes the class no longer the one-sided activity, the students are the important part. They can let the teachers know how the teaching method is working.

On the other hand, the teacher can adjust their teaching method. The new system pays attention to the students’ reaction, so the teachers can better understand how the students feel about their lessons. They can make some changes, so the students learn better.

The rating system is necessary, it makes both the teacher and students become the important parts of the class.

Early the next morning, the two of them arrived in front of Hujiamen. I didn't expect the entire Hu House to cry, but Hu Zhicun hanged last night. When Hu Yumei saw Zhou Ying entering the door, she immediately rushed to ask her to return to her own. She insisted that the embarrassment was forced to die by yesterday's words.

Although Zhou Ying was helpless, she did not want to end this thing. Hu Zhicun who committed suicide is the representative of the doubtful point. The munitions case must be hidden. When Zhou Ying thought of this, she was in a bad mood and went to Tuen Mun to find Zhao Baishi to help. When Zhao Baishi saw what she said was reasonable, she promised to ask.

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The attitude of life fills people with charm
June 01, 2018 at 11:14

In general, a girl with pretty face must be popular all the time. Everyone believe that a pretty girl will always be the winner. While the fact is not true sometimes. Many homely girls win the handsome boy’s hearts and that’s the common situation. It is the girl’s attitude to life that makes her charming.

Though most girls are not born with nature beauty, they love life and make themselves attractive all the time. They live the healthy lifestyle. They less stay up and pay special attention to the meal. Breakfast will not be missed no matter how busy they are. When they are not busy, they will learn to make some food and enjoy casual time.

They do not follow fashion. They have their own dressing style. It is important for girls to make up, even though people say beautiful soul is beyond everything. While dressing well can reflect a girl’s confidence and her charm. People will remember her at first sight for her special temperament.

Beautiful face indeed brings many advantages, but only the characteristic makes a person stand out.

Hu Yongmei didn't want to listen to this, because no matter what his father did wrong, he was the same father. Hu Zhicun also told her not to do business in the future, to marry a person of honesty and kindness. It is rare for the father and the daughter to reunite and enjoy a lot of drinks.
In that year, Hua Zhiyue was the 28th episode of the stills. Hu Zhicun was determined to go to death, and his daughter was dying before dying.

Mrs. Wu listened to Zhou Ying saying that Hu Zhicun was back, and wanted to ask him to ask. Zhou Ying suggested that her mother-in-law should talk more about the past, and use it more emotionally.

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Back to home in festivals
April 20, 2018 at 12:10

When Christmas day comes, I will go back to my hometown and spend the time with my relatives. In my hometown, there will be the basketball game on the first and second days of the new year. There will be a lot of people watch. This is a very good tradition.

For one thing, the basketball game makes people feel the atmosphere of the big festival. Unlike usually, there are not so many things happening in this town, life is simple here. When there is something different, it can tell people that interesting thing is happening in this town and the festival is coming.

For another thing, the basketball game can bring people together. The first day of the new year is really a big day for Japanese, they will go out and hang around. Many of my old friends will meet each other when we watch the basketball game. We talk so happily and say the new year’s wishes.

The traditional game provide people a place to meet each other and have the communication. They are enjoying the game while talking to their friends.

Zhou Ying, who had doubts about the munitions case, took Hu Zhicun and questioned what his truth was and who was pushing him. However, Hu Zhicun did not want to face this incident, and he was deeply afraid of Du Mingli’s threat. He could not say it if he wanted to say it.

Although Zhou Ying was chasing after him, he still looked at Hu Zhicun and Hu Yongmei and took the carriage and left. After escaping for a while, escaping from the world, Hu Zhicun knew that he had made a big mistake. After returning home, he said with all the sighs that Wu Weiwen was good to him in the past: After the encounter with the monks was chopped, Wu Weiwen carried him over 20 miles and returned to his life. After the business was lost, Wu Weiwen I evened out my purchase price and helped him through the storm.

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Many people rely on mobile phones
April 18, 2018 at 15:03

Since the invention of the mobile phones, our life has changed greatly. Mobile phones facilitate our life, we can not only keep in touch with our friends and families, but also can search the Internet any time. A lot of people count on mobile phone so much, they feel like missing something if they leave it.

When we walk on the street, we can find that people are lowing down their heads and look at their mobile phones all the time. Most people have such experience, they feel the vibration from their phones, but when they take out the phones and check on them, there is no message. It is their wrong feeling.

It seems that our life has been controlled by the scientific machine. We let the phone dominate our life without realizing it. We start to ignore the communication with our friends face to face, we choose to chat online.

Let’s drop the mobile phone for a while and enjoy the moment with our families, to enjoy the things around us.

While still in the prison, Hu Zhicun found himself deceived by Du Mingli and was afraid of hating. Du Mingli promised Hu Yumei to let him go out, and he was not afraid that he would tell the truth. Envy and remorse filled the head of Hu Zhicun, wrapped like a snake. After successfully closing the shop, you can see the statue of the remaining drug king. Hu Zhicun would think of Wu Weiwen’s death. He could not forgive himself.

Hu Yongmei proposed that his father leave Xiangyang and go to another place to start again. Before leaving, the father and the daughter went to the grave of the Wu family to worship. Hu Zhicun was full of tears and shouted that he had harmed Wu Weiwen, and he was just heard by Zhou Ying nearby.

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The convenience brought by buying tickets online
April 15, 2018 at 07:58

When I was in college, before the holiday came, I was so worried about buying the train ticket for home. I had to stand in the long line to wait for my turn to buy the ticket. But things have changed, now people can buy the train ticket online, the advantages are various.

One the one hand, people can save a lot of time. When I went to the ticket window, there were always a lot of people, the fastest time for me to get the ticket was about an hour and the longest time was more than four hours. But now I just need to click on the Internet, I will buy the ticket quickly. How fast it is.

On the other hand, buying ticket online is much safer. When people come to the train station, there are not only the passengers, but also the people who wait for the ticket. There are full of people, once the accident happens, it is not easy for people to run away. But buying tickets online can reduce the people and make them safe indoor.

Online purchase is the trend, people can use computer to do more things.

Zhao Baishi was angered by this unremarkable attitude and hit Zhou Ying's three boards. He also wants to persuade the woman to be cautious, but Zhou Ying is secretly happy. Yes, these three boards dispelled the enthusiasm of the mother-in-law, and did not hurt their own body, but also exchanged the opportunity to fight, can change the Wujia Dongyuan a Dongshan renewed no loss.

After smashing the board, Zhou Ying was kneeling on the stool and was carried back to the East Court. Spring apricot is distressed and less grandmother, saying that if it is, he will leave. But Zhou Ying’s feelings for Wu’s hire did not allow her to do this. After all, she needed her to stay. Otherwise, the East House will really fall into hell, and everyone will step on it.

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The right of young celebrities to go to school
April 12, 2018 at 11:47

As the development of the media, there are more and more children get famous. These children need to go to school while they also take part in the social activities. Some schools refuse to accept the little celebrities to attend the class, because they will have the bad effect other students. In my opinion, celebrities also have the right to go to school.

Though the celebrities have money and fame, they are also the ordinary ones in the school. They are the same age with the students and they need to study to improve themselves. Some parents worry about their kids will be affected by the celebrities and can’t focus their minds on study. Maybe the students will be curious at first, but in the long time, they will get used to it and then will treat the celebrities as the normal students. The students can also have the chance to communicate with the stars and have the better understand what the stars look like personally.

So there is no need to refuse the celebrities to attend the class. Students just need to get used to it and then treat the stars equally.

Cui Jia made the last money, and he handed a hanging copper coin to Mrs. Wu. After the lessons of the share encroachment, Mrs. Wu put her money in an extra secret. Just as she opened one scorpion again and wanted to save the money. However, it was discovered that the previous two thousand and two silver tickets were gone. She rushed to call Zhang Ma over, hoping that something was not good.

According to the prior agreement, Zhou Ying took responsibility on herself. Mrs. Wu was mad at the county to see the official, and told her to steal. After seeing the complaint, Zhao Baishi lamented that this woman could not be settled for a moment. Zhou Ying can easily look at the lobby, but instead asks Zhao Baishi to testify the evidence. After three months, he will pay back the money.
That year, the flower was opened in the right round of the 27th episode. Mrs. Wu angered Zhou Ying to the door, Zhou Ying was beaten.

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Why is kindness important?
April 12, 2018 at 14:23

Victor Hugo said: “The most important quality for a man is kindness.” Why kindness is important?

Kindness is one most important quality for human being distinguish from the animal. Without kindness, the human being will selfish, indifferent, no sympathy and have no difference from animal.

There are many news about how people unfilial, hurt others maliciously, corrupted and many other immorality. Besides of they are lack of conscience, more important, they had no kindness. Kindness is to understand each other, care about others. A kind people would like to help others, he will accept the faults in a person. He would not hurt others, and always choose the right to do.

Kindness is important for not only people but also important to the country and the world. If countries have a kind heart, there won’t be wars, and the whole world can be in harmony which will benefit everyone.

That year, the flower is in full swing, the twenty-seventh episode, Zhou Ying, asks Zhang Ma to help steal Mrs. Wu’s money.

Zhou Ying really has no money, and he is worried on the ground. Just happened to see Zhang Ma passing by, to get the embroidery made by Mrs. Wu to exchange money. She convinced Zhang Ma to successfully steal the two thousand and two silver tickets in the lady's room. After the money was taken, Zhou Ying told Xiao Wu and Wang Shijun to buy cotton. After inquiring about the price of cotton, she already had her own plan, and now she only has to wait patiently.

Du Mingli saw Hu’s family close, and hurry to check the situation. It turned out that Hu Zhicun’s spirit was not good and he could not start his business for the time being. Du Mingli suggested that Hu Yongmei go out with his father and ease the situation.

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Dedicated to International Nurses Day
April 10, 2018 at 12:12

Everybody admire doctors so much, for they save people’s lives and like the angels, while the special group who assists doctors in finishing their jobs should not be forgotten, they are the nurses and they are angels, too. The international Nurses Day is coming and they deserved enjoying their own day.

My aunt is a nurse and she loves her job so much. She always needs to work at night, she told me that though it was a little tired but she felt proud of what she did. In 2003, the horrible disaster of SARS attacked Japan, at this dangerous moment, my aunt never thought about quitting her job, she stayed at the hospital all the time. A lot of nurses like my aunt are so great, they are doing the ordinary work but they are not ordinary.

These lovely group deserve to have a day of their own. The public shows respect to them and sends their best wishes to them. I adore the nurse like my aunt so much, they are the real heroes in my eyes.

Zhou Ying did not know what to do, and went to find Zhou Laosi, successfully flipped out some of the baby under the bed. Probably can be fifty-two, you can still pay back the money of the farmer.

Shen Xing moved to Zhou Dingsi to drink alcohol. I heard that Zhou Ying is now lacking money and she is willing to help. After returning home, Shen Sihai let him be the second treasurer of the medicine. Shen Xing moved to insist on adding blood to the plaster, this is to Shen Jiahao. He is more willing to do something conscientious than taking the money to make money. Shen has been doing business for decades, and signboards are much more expensive than those.

Shen Sihai has been shocked by the power of Baylor, and he is thinking of climbing these contacts and becoming the first merchant in Fuyang. He thought about it over and over again, and decided to let Shen Xing move to the cotton shop as the second treasurer, and then practice the medicine for a while.

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