The most terrible thing in life is delay
October 14, 2018 at 17:55

Laziness stems from procrastination. The longer things get dragged, the more serious the consequences. At the moment when the mission was just completed, it was the happiest time.

The approach to cure delaying and lazy treatment is to bite the teeth with the least willingness to do it, and soon there will be motivation to complete it. It is sweet after suffering first.

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Music is the best feeling of life
June 12, 2018 at 21:52

Music is a voice from the depths of the heart. It can only be felt when you really listen to it. This feeling is the best feeling of life. Music can fully show the beauty and potential of people, and every moving song is so beautiful. Not every song/music will be enjoyed by everyone, but there must be many people who like the same song as you do, this is resonance. Every piece of music is a journey of mind.

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I was shocked by the power of SSD
June 13, 2018 at 17:12

Today, I was shocked by the power of SSD harddisk, it was not 8 watts on the Internet. At the time of testing, SSD was connected to the 5V LM2596S power converter. During the startup of the computer, the power was 1.2W. After entering the system for 1 minute, the idle power was 0.6W to 1W. The power of copying large files and full load was only 1.8W. The environment was that the 32G SATA3 hard disk runs in SATA2 mode. By the way, tested the power of the 5400 rpm notebook hard drive, was 1.2W at idle time, full load was 4.2W.

It has always been thought that SSD consume more power than notebook hard drives, and the test results were astounding. This SSD was also half the power of notebook hard drives.

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Dedicated to International Nurses Day
April 10, 2018 at 12:12

Everybody admire doctors so much, for they save people’s lives and like the angels, while the special group who assists doctors in finishing their jobs should not be forgotten, they are the nurses and they are angels, too. The international Nurses Day is coming and they deserved enjoying their own day.

My aunt is a nurse and she loves her job so much. She always needs to work at night, she told me that though it was a little tired but she felt proud of what she did. In 2003, the horrible disaster of SARS attacked Japan, at this dangerous moment, my aunt never thought about quitting her job, she stayed at the hospital all the time. A lot of nurses like my aunt are so great, they are doing the ordinary work but they are not ordinary.

These lovely group deserve to have a day of their own. The public shows respect to them and sends their best wishes to them. I adore the nurse like my aunt so much, they are the real heroes in my eyes.

Zhou Ying did not know what to do, and went to find Zhou Laosi, successfully flipped out some of the baby under the bed. Probably can be fifty-two, you can still pay back the money of the farmer.

Shen Xing moved to Zhou Dingsi to drink alcohol. I heard that Zhou Ying is now lacking money and she is willing to help. After returning home, Shen Sihai let him be the second treasurer of the medicine. Shen Xing moved to insist on adding blood to the plaster, this is to Shen Jiahao. He is more willing to do something conscientious than taking the money to make money. Shen has been doing business for decades, and signboards are much more expensive than those.

Shen Sihai has been shocked by the power of Baylor, and he is thinking of climbing these contacts and becoming the first merchant in Fuyang. He thought about it over and over again, and decided to let Shen Xing move to the cotton shop as the second treasurer, and then practice the medicine for a while.

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The attitude of life fills people with charm
June 01, 2018 at 11:14

In general, a girl with pretty face must be popular all the time. Everyone believe that a pretty girl will always be the winner. While the fact is not true sometimes. Many homely girls win the handsome boy’s hearts and that’s the common situation. It is the girl’s attitude to life that makes her charming.

Though most girls are not born with nature beauty, they love life and make themselves attractive all the time. They live the healthy lifestyle. They less stay up and pay special attention to the meal. Breakfast will not be missed no matter how busy they are. When they are not busy, they will learn to make some food and enjoy casual time.

They do not follow fashion. They have their own dressing style. It is important for girls to make up, even though people say beautiful soul is beyond everything. While dressing well can reflect a girl’s confidence and her charm. People will remember her at first sight for her special temperament.

Beautiful face indeed brings many advantages, but only the characteristic makes a person stand out.

Hu Yongmei didn't want to listen to this, because no matter what his father did wrong, he was the same father. Hu Zhicun also told her not to do business in the future, to marry a person of honesty and kindness. It is rare for the father and the daughter to reunite and enjoy a lot of drinks.
In that year, Hua Zhiyue was the 28th episode of the stills. Hu Zhicun was determined to go to death, and his daughter was dying before dying.

Mrs. Wu listened to Zhou Ying saying that Hu Zhicun was back, and wanted to ask him to ask. Zhou Ying suggested that her mother-in-law should talk more about the past, and use it more emotionally.

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Laura's new image
March 04, 2018 at 16:11

The famous game Tomb Raider has been brought to the screen many years ago, the protagonist that played by Angelina Jolie has been the classic image. Recently, the movie producer has announced that they would shot the Tomb Raider with the new actress and the fans were so looking forward to the new face.

The new image was going to play by Alicia Vikander, a girl also not only has the beautiful face, but wonderful acting skill. She just won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress at this year’s Academy Awards. Alicia was famous for the movie Ex Machina, a film that probes into the question of whether machine has its own thinking. As the film became hot, Alicia started to known by the world.

There is no doubt that Alicia has the perfect appearance, which impresses the audience at first sight. Though Jolie has played Laura so successfully, the audience still looks forward to Alicia’s playing. They believe that as this girl has proved herself, so she can bring something new to the audience.

Xiao Wu with Sun Yongquan back to the East Hospital, secret hide. And three years of feelings of his wife, Sun Yongquan still did not tell the truth, think again to hear the news. Just three ladies came home, invited Zhou Ying and Miss Wu have been to life. Zhou Ying readily agreed, and she decided to bring a big family to bring, eat and drink, then good to see a good show. If the plan goes well, you can tell all the truth at the birthday party.

Sun Yongquan still refuses to believe that the third lady wants to kill himself, must see her again. Xiao Wu way to Sun Yongquan brought to the South Institute, hiding in the dark. Sun Yat-sen accepted the truth after seeing the harmonious appearance of the third wife and the third master, without any possible persecution. His life was ruined by this woman and must now be retaliated. Know Sun Yongquan to admit, Zhou Ying decisively find Zhao Baishi to hear the case.
That year blooming moon is still a movie (Sun dispensers to see Liu and Laoqiu harmony appearance)

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What to save literary films?
March 06, 2018 at 21:02

Every year, the top selling films must belong to the commercial films. Indeed, commercial films catch the audience’s attention and they are willing to buy tickets. While the literary films win many reputation and awards in the filmfest, a lot of people are not willing to support this type of film in the theater. The save of literary film is in need of.

I like to see literary films so much. They are like my mentors, showing me the truth about life through the stories. It needs people’s patience to appreciate literary films, for they go on very slowly. So most audiences feel so bored to watch such movie, they would choose to see the commerical movies for the fighting and exciting scene.

To save the literary film, it is very important to promote the films. The media should give more attention and make ads about it. What’s more, the appreciation of this style of film needs the improvement of the literary attainment of the public.

On the birthday, Mrs. Wu came by appointment, and the second and fourth priests arrived. At the time when Three Master and Three Madame pleaded with Mrs. Wu, Zhao Baishi surrounded the yard with officers and soldiers. Three Lord saw his wife to be taken away, how are unwilling to cooperate. Two old man knows the matter is serious, asked what evidence. Sun Yongquan appeared, all the truth out.

At first, the third lady did not admit it, but it did not help at all. Three Master woke up, it came to understand that their loved one's life has always been to deceive the woman. All of the affections, affectionate moment has become a joke, ferocious irony with the warmth and dedication of the three classic heart. He lost all his coolness and plunged into the heart of the third lady with a fruit knife on the table.

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Back to home in festivals
April 20, 2018 at 12:10

When Christmas day comes, I will go back to my hometown and spend the time with my relatives. In my hometown, there will be the basketball game on the first and second days of the new year. There will be a lot of people watch. This is a very good tradition.

For one thing, the basketball game makes people feel the atmosphere of the big festival. Unlike usually, there are not so many things happening in this town, life is simple here. When there is something different, it can tell people that interesting thing is happening in this town and the festival is coming.

For another thing, the basketball game can bring people together. The first day of the new year is really a big day for Japanese, they will go out and hang around. Many of my old friends will meet each other when we watch the basketball game. We talk so happily and say the new year’s wishes.

The traditional game provide people a place to meet each other and have the communication. They are enjoying the game while talking to their friends.

Zhou Ying, who had doubts about the munitions case, took Hu Zhicun and questioned what his truth was and who was pushing him. However, Hu Zhicun did not want to face this incident, and he was deeply afraid of Du Mingli’s threat. He could not say it if he wanted to say it.

Although Zhou Ying was chasing after him, he still looked at Hu Zhicun and Hu Yongmei and took the carriage and left. After escaping for a while, escaping from the world, Hu Zhicun knew that he had made a big mistake. After returning home, he said with all the sighs that Wu Weiwen was good to him in the past: After the encounter with the monks was chopped, Wu Weiwen carried him over 20 miles and returned to his life. After the business was lost, Wu Weiwen I evened out my purchase price and helped him through the storm.

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How to respect and treat disabled people
March 02, 2018 at 09:08

When we take the bus, it has been a rule that the seats are first preoccupied by the old, the disabled and the pregnant. Most people respect the rules, while some people are refused to do it, because they think there is no law to regulate that we must take the seat for others. The disabled people are special part, we should be considerate.

Disabled people are special part in the society. Comparing to the ordinary people, they look a little different, they don’t have the perfect outlook, which makes them distinct among the crowd. Such situation makes them very awkward, they don’t want people stare at them, they just want to be the ordinary one.

We should respect and take care of the disabled people. We should not treat them as the special ones, they are equal with us, though they don’t have the perfect outlook, in their hearts, they are just as tough as us. So we should not separate them, just make friends with them.

More and more people have realized the disabled people are ordinary, we should show our love and respect to them.

Zhou Ying sent just happened to pass by Xiao Wu, bluff "save" Sun dispensers. Two people were shocked in the pub drinking, sun dispensers come up with three ladies to his Xifeng wine. He accidentally spilled alcohol on the silver ring on his hand, revealing a faint black. Then throw the ring into the wine, surprised to find that all-black. Is the third lady poisoned! Sun Yongquan simply can not believe that his beloved woman turned out to be such a vicious person.

Three Lord Pawnshops go home from the original, talking about Sun Yongquan escape things. The third lady hurried to clear up the relationship with oneself, pretended to blame others for ignorance. Too many things happened during this time, especially when Zhou Ying was framed and lost her children. Three Master intends to live through their own life, to invite her to make up for it.

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Anti campus bullying
April 08, 2018 at 15:01

The show British Got Talented is very popular around the world, it is the original show. As it is so hot and many talented people have found their stages,its influence on other countries can’t be ignored. Last night, I saw an episode of a boy composing a song with his friend, it reminded the public of the issue of anti-bully in campus.

When the boy and his friend stood on the stage, he was so shy and he looked very nice. He told the audience that they would sing a song which was composed by himself and the judges were so looking forward to hearing it. As the boy sung, the audience sensed his miserable days in his childhood, he was bullied by the higher grade students. His friend sung the part of giving hope. The judges were so touched and they spoke highly of this inspring song.

There are always some big guys trying to control the situation, so they bully others. This behavior is condemned by the public. The one who plays the role of bad guy is actually always the one with weak heart. The movement of anti-bully in campus needs everybody to care for each other.

Hu Zhicun finally went home. He is already ragged and has a thin face. Hu Yongmei saw his father, full of distress, and rushed to the wine. In the past few months, he has not seen his daughter, and he has been tortured by the military affairs case. Hu Zhicun has some spirits. The family finally reunited, Hu Yumei and his father asked Du Mingli to come to the house to eat, and would like to thank him for his help. But Hu Zhicun was shocked and banned her from dealing with this person.
In that year, Hua Zhiyue’s twenty-seventh stills, Hu Zhicun, learned that Hu Yumei would ask Du Yueli to come home to eat and be shocked.

After burning the poppy, Zhou Ying and the apprentices shared thinking about what other business can do. She thought of cotton, but carefully calculated that there are still two thousand and two silver. Thinking of Mrs. Wu there may still be money, Zhou Ying went to find her to borrow. I can let this daughter say that the mouth is broken, and Mrs. Wu refuses to take it out.

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