The most terrible thing in life is delay
April 11, 2019 at 18:20

Laziness stems from procrastination. The longer things get dragged, the more serious the consequences. At the moment when the mission was just completed, it was the happiest time.

The approach to cure delaying and lazy treatment is to bite the teeth with the least willingness to do it, and soon there will be motivation to complete it. It is sweet after suffering first.

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I was shocked by the power of SSD
June 13, 2018 at 17:12

Today, I was shocked by the power of SSD harddisk, it was not 8 watts on the Internet. At the time of testing, SSD was connected to the 5V LM2596S power converter. During the startup of the computer, the power was 1.2W. After entering the system for 1 minute, the idle power was 0.6W to 1W. The power of copying large files and full load was only 1.8W. The environment was that the 32G SATA3 hard disk runs in SATA2 mode. By the way, tested the power of the 5400 rpm notebook hard drive, was 1.2W at idle time, full load was 4.2W.

It has always been thought that SSD consume more power than notebook hard drives, and the test results were astounding. This SSD was also half the power of notebook hard drives.

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Music is the best feeling of life
June 12, 2018 at 21:52

Music is a voice from the depths of the heart. It can only be felt when you really listen to it. This feeling is the best feeling of life. Music can fully show the beauty and potential of people, and every moving song is so beautiful. Not every song/music will be enjoyed by everyone, but there must be many people who like the same song as you do, this is resonance. Every piece of music is a journey of mind.

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The latest American Captain
March 13, 2018 at 18:55

The movie American Captain is very popular around the world, many children treat the protagonist as their hero. The image of American Captain stands for America, he presents justice and peace to the world. While the newest series shows me a different opinion about this great man.

In the newest series American Captain, this great man still try to fight against the bad guys and maintain the world peace with his powerful team. While the problem comes during their missions, the team causes so many death and the loss of the public property. Then American Captain was asked to sign a deal to limit their movements but he refused.

I am always a big fan of these comic books, but the newest movie shows me the unacceptable idea of the great man. The responsibility should always come first for the hero, such as batman and superman, they treat the people’s lives in the first place. They will feel very guilty for causing the loss of the public property. So fighting for peace doesn’t mean the big man don’t have to consider the bad results he brings.

Listening to people's thanks, Shen Xing moved to know that they really want to thank people Zhou Ying. Even, even his own good thanks to Zhou Ying ideas, through the crisis. People spread, Shen Xing moved alone in the hospital wandering, or went to the room where Zhou Ying used to live. That woman always brings a lot of surprises and accidents, how to think back are fun.
That year blooming moon is still a movie still (Zhou Yun moved in the room before wandering)

Du Mingli was very angry about this incident. He questioned the officials under Baileye, even the officials of the Ministry of Punishments had no news. Although this incident came suddenly, but Beile Ye behind doing backing, his heart still bottom.

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Dedicated to International Nurses Day
April 10, 2018 at 12:12

Everybody admire doctors so much, for they save people’s lives and like the angels, while the special group who assists doctors in finishing their jobs should not be forgotten, they are the nurses and they are angels, too. The international Nurses Day is coming and they deserved enjoying their own day.

My aunt is a nurse and she loves her job so much. She always needs to work at night, she told me that though it was a little tired but she felt proud of what she did. In 2003, the horrible disaster of SARS attacked Japan, at this dangerous moment, my aunt never thought about quitting her job, she stayed at the hospital all the time. A lot of nurses like my aunt are so great, they are doing the ordinary work but they are not ordinary.

These lovely group deserve to have a day of their own. The public shows respect to them and sends their best wishes to them. I adore the nurse like my aunt so much, they are the real heroes in my eyes.

Zhou Ying did not know what to do, and went to find Zhou Laosi, successfully flipped out some of the baby under the bed. Probably can be fifty-two, you can still pay back the money of the farmer.

Shen Xing moved to Zhou Dingsi to drink alcohol. I heard that Zhou Ying is now lacking money and she is willing to help. After returning home, Shen Sihai let him be the second treasurer of the medicine. Shen Xing moved to insist on adding blood to the plaster, this is to Shen Jiahao. He is more willing to do something conscientious than taking the money to make money. Shen has been doing business for decades, and signboards are much more expensive than those.

Shen Sihai has been shocked by the power of Baylor, and he is thinking of climbing these contacts and becoming the first merchant in Fuyang. He thought about it over and over again, and decided to let Shen Xing move to the cotton shop as the second treasurer, and then practice the medicine for a while.

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Human and environment
March 18, 2018 at 10:18

As the technology and economic is developing, the environment problem is becoming a severe problem, and the people are seriously affected.

The sustained damage to the environment has caused a serious problem, such as air pollution, sand storm, extraordinary weather, and diseases etc., people suffer from what they have done to the environment.

However. People have realized that it will be too late if they don’t do anything to prevent things from getting worse. For example, there is an “Earth Hour” on a Saturday of March of each year. It is a global movement, usually it lasts from 8:30pm to 9:30pm. It is also called “Light-off for One Hour”. During this hour, all the light will be turned off. The purpose of this movement is not only to save energy, but also to warn the people to realize the importance of protecting the mother earth, and to stop violating the environment.

Anyway, people and the environment have to keep a balance relationship. People take from the environment, and have to protect it too.

Shen Xing moved to study diligently, just to see Shen Sihai to the accounts to check in advance. He saw the meaning of his father, as if do not want to continue cooperation with Dominique, and thought his proposal has finally worked.

At the time of Shen Sihai's visit, Du Mingli brought good news. After the incident was over, under the invitation of Beller, the empress dowager and emperor allowed Shen Xing to escalate to any of them. Even after all the Shen family business, Beller must invest in stocks. Although Shen Sihai think this connection is worth 30% of shares, but still was out of Dominic Wu's move impressed. He knew that with this booklet, Jingyang all business will be attributed to its own.

Du Mingli again spoke of the people who were dismissed last time were dismissed, the adults of the Ministry of Punishment were sent back to the country, and even Zhao Baishi was reduced from four to seven. Shen Sihai Beller's strength more confidence, could not help but be happy.

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Many people rely on mobile phones
April 18, 2018 at 15:03

Since the invention of the mobile phones, our life has changed greatly. Mobile phones facilitate our life, we can not only keep in touch with our friends and families, but also can search the Internet any time. A lot of people count on mobile phone so much, they feel like missing something if they leave it.

When we walk on the street, we can find that people are lowing down their heads and look at their mobile phones all the time. Most people have such experience, they feel the vibration from their phones, but when they take out the phones and check on them, there is no message. It is their wrong feeling.

It seems that our life has been controlled by the scientific machine. We let the phone dominate our life without realizing it. We start to ignore the communication with our friends face to face, we choose to chat online.

Let’s drop the mobile phone for a while and enjoy the moment with our families, to enjoy the things around us.

While still in the prison, Hu Zhicun found himself deceived by Du Mingli and was afraid of hating. Du Mingli promised Hu Yumei to let him go out, and he was not afraid that he would tell the truth. Envy and remorse filled the head of Hu Zhicun, wrapped like a snake. After successfully closing the shop, you can see the statue of the remaining drug king. Hu Zhicun would think of Wu Weiwen’s death. He could not forgive himself.

Hu Yongmei proposed that his father leave Xiangyang and go to another place to start again. Before leaving, the father and the daughter went to the grave of the Wu family to worship. Hu Zhicun was full of tears and shouted that he had harmed Wu Weiwen, and he was just heard by Zhou Ying nearby.

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Beautiful age
June 06, 2018 at 07:27

College is the very amazing stage for students, they have gone through the hard time and finally come to their dream place. In this beautiful age, students are young and full of energy, their color of youth should be red, which means active.

For college students, their main energy should be put on study. It is the age of fighting, they need to learn more knowledge, so that they can make some preparation for their future. What they learn will decide what kind of job they will do in the future. It is important to master the skills and find their own advantages.

Besides study, joining the activity is also part of their lives. They can learn how to get along with others and cooperate with other students. Cooperation is really important, the employers take special attention on this ability. So joining the activity can cultivate students’ practical skills.

Standing at the door of Hujia, Du Mingli had a lot of thoughts and thought of the life-saving gimmick that Hu Yongmei gave him. After returning to God, he saw Hu Meimei, who looked like a frost. The death of his father made the former rich lady become resentful. She also added a bitter hatred to Zhou Ying. This hatred made her hate to kill people and pay for her father.

Zhao Baishi went to find Zhang Daren, a teacher, and talked about Ho Zhicun’s self-destructive things, and inquired about the insider’s case. But this case was originally instructed by Baylor. How could Zhang Daren tell Zhao Baishi the truth, but he wanted to use his means to suppress it.

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Laura's new image
March 04, 2018 at 16:11

The famous game Tomb Raider has been brought to the screen many years ago, the protagonist that played by Angelina Jolie has been the classic image. Recently, the movie producer has announced that they would shot the Tomb Raider with the new actress and the fans were so looking forward to the new face.

The new image was going to play by Alicia Vikander, a girl also not only has the beautiful face, but wonderful acting skill. She just won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress at this year’s Academy Awards. Alicia was famous for the movie Ex Machina, a film that probes into the question of whether machine has its own thinking. As the film became hot, Alicia started to known by the world.

There is no doubt that Alicia has the perfect appearance, which impresses the audience at first sight. Though Jolie has played Laura so successfully, the audience still looks forward to Alicia’s playing. They believe that as this girl has proved herself, so she can bring something new to the audience.

Xiao Wu with Sun Yongquan back to the East Hospital, secret hide. And three years of feelings of his wife, Sun Yongquan still did not tell the truth, think again to hear the news. Just three ladies came home, invited Zhou Ying and Miss Wu have been to life. Zhou Ying readily agreed, and she decided to bring a big family to bring, eat and drink, then good to see a good show. If the plan goes well, you can tell all the truth at the birthday party.

Sun Yongquan still refuses to believe that the third lady wants to kill himself, must see her again. Xiao Wu way to Sun Yongquan brought to the South Institute, hiding in the dark. Sun Yat-sen accepted the truth after seeing the harmonious appearance of the third wife and the third master, without any possible persecution. His life was ruined by this woman and must now be retaliated. Know Sun Yongquan to admit, Zhou Ying decisively find Zhao Baishi to hear the case.
That year blooming moon is still a movie (Sun dispensers to see Liu and Laoqiu harmony appearance)

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The clothing of twins
March 10, 2018 at 16:38

Every time when I walk in the street, I will be attracted by the twins, it is not because they look exactly the same, but they wear the same clothes. I also wonder why all the twins dress the same. The parents can separate them in different clothes, so that they won’t take the twins’ wrong name, now I know the reason.

The twins are living in the same environment, when they are in the mother’s womb, they have boned together, their fate is meant to be different from others. They come to the world almost at the same time, they know they have an alike brother or sister, as they grow up, they will want everything the same, because they are a union. If the parents give them different thing, the twins will think their parents are unfair to them, they like one of them. In order to avoid such situation, the parents will naturally choose the same things for them, so they can get along with each other well.

Twins’ dress the same clothes can make them have the sense of union, now I am not surprised about the twins’ dress, they are so cute in my eyes.

Zhao Baishi with the punishment of the adults directly surrounded by Shen Shen, let Shen Four Seas pleading for help, are determined to check the army to be plaster. Du Mingli out flirting, but officials did not retreat.

Being thankful adults and Du Mingli stalemate, Shen Xing moved. He was in front of the crowd, picked up the sword against Zhao Baishi scratched himself, and then use plaster on the spot to stop bleeding. This move dispelled all doubts, but also frightened officers and soldiers. Shen Sihai this blood plaster would have no effect, did not expect there are turning points. Shen Xing moved to identify those who fight with their own day is Zhao Baishi, Du Ming ceremony to listen to understand that some people are at work.
That year blooming moon is still a round stills (Shen Xing moved to add the rhododendron leaves plaster to stop bleeding)

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